Time to protect those rubber seals! Vehicle doors have specialized rubber seals that are meant to keep the rain and elements out. With a custom van, keeping the rain out is key to protecting the interior from mold, damage, and bad moisture smells.

But in order to achieve this goal, they need to remain flexible and clean over time. Flexibility is key to providing pressure on the adjacent surfaces to keep rain out. Keeping the rubber seals clean is also important, as debris buildup can lead to leaks as water seeps around the debris and past the door seals.

This is why I am using the 303 rubber seal protectant on all my doors and all the rubber gaskets. This product helps keep seals lubricated and flexible. With older vans, the rubber in the seals can begin to harden and loose their flexibility. They can even become brittle and flake apart. But this type of rubber seal protectant helps keep the seals looking and feeling brand new, adding so many years of rain and moisture free operation to your custom interior. That’s what we are all about here at Provanner, the finer details. Those little things that we can do to extend the longevity of out custom vans.


Rubber Seal Protectant

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